Why every contractor should have a Claim Ranger in their corner

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Why every contractor should have a Claim Ranger Public Adjuster in their corner!


A contractor that does insurance work should always have a PA close by for several different reasons.


Reason #1 When you have questions about insurance you have someone to ask!


Reason #2 It is a good selling point! When you are talking with your potential customers you can assure them that if their claim goes sideways you have Claim Ranger backup, to help get their legitimate claim through.


Reason #3 A contractor can not talk about coverage or the policy with the insured or the insurance company. This is against the law and can get you in hot water. If you have a public adjuster you can call, they can go over that with your client or the carrier's adjuster, and you look good because you can get an authority on the phone!


Reason #4 A Claim Ranger public adjuster is able to determine the extent of the loss per the policy provisions. What does that mean? It may mean 100's of thousands of difference.


Reason #5 Claim Rangers are Xactimate Level 3 Certified estimators and our estimates are iron-clad works of art that have years of refining and support for every item in our estimate. What does that mean? It means you get paid for all of the work that you do, not a watered-down estimate that is not worth the paper it is written on. You know... The kind of garbage you get from the unlicensed, untrained, adjusters from the insurance company. In other words, you are going to make more money.


Reason #6 We are going to bill the insurance company for our service to help the insured settle the claim because they failed to do it correctly the first time.


Reason #7 When you don't have to argue with the insurance company to get paid. You can sleep better at night, knowing Claim Rangers is taking care of all of that and you can focus on selling more jobs and making happy customers!

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