What sets Claim Rangers apart?

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Independent Adjuster- We offer an independent review of your claim that is not biased toward the insurance company’s bottom line and we do not have an interest in selling you on getting work done like a contractor does. We adjust your claim based on the required work to make you financially whole under the provisions of your policy. Our adjusters are Xactimate Level 3 Certified Estimators to make sure your estimate is for repairs that are spot on.

Experienced Professionals– We are experienced in negotiating claims, and understand the fine print of your insurance policy so we can make sure you are made financially whole. We handle all types of property claims wind, hail, roof, siding, fire, water, hardwood flooring, plumbing leaks, water heater burst, sewer back up, accidental, liability claims, construction defect, etc.

Policy Knowledge– Like my gramps used to say. You don’t know what you don’t know until you know. Do you know most policy owners and contractors have no clue what is in an insurance contract? It not legal for your contractor to even talk about your policy. It is impossible to reach a fair settlement without understanding and knowledge of what is owed under your policy.

Industry Experts– We work with restoration companies, roofing companies, siding contractors, plumbers, flooring companies, kitchen cabinet companies,  engineers, and realtors as consultants to make sure that the proper repairs are made to your house and no shortcuts are taken. We understand the importance of market conditions, how to properly make the needed repairs, and the restoration process.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed– We work for you! Excellent customer service and claim settlement satisfaction are our only goals.