What do Public Adjusters do?

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What does a public adjuster do

What do Public Adjusters do?

This is a question that we get asked a lot.  The truth is, no one really knows what a public adjuster does, until they need one.  A public adjuster works for the insured (you) to make sure that the insurance properly restores your damage to pre-loss condition.  A public adjuster is state licensed and trained to know the laws, policy language, your rights as an insured as well as the obligations of the insurance company.  In essence, public adjusters are available to you to help keep the insurance companies honest and in check.  And that leads us to the next question…

Why would I need a public adjuster?

Insurance companies are businesses, and therefore, they will have their best interest in mind. A quick example to illustrate the insurance industry would be to compare banks and insurance companies. You as a policy holder act as an asset to your insurance company until you file a claim. You then become a liability and the insurance company must act appropriately to defend their financial interests.

A public adjuster is hired by everyday people, like you, and we have your best interest in mind. While we deal mostly with property claims, public adjusters can be hired for most any insurance claim - auto, home, health, etc.  We can handle fire claims, water claims, wind claims, hail claims, and many other types of claims.

When you file a claim on your home, you probably think that the insurance is going to take care of you and fix everything correctly - while this does happen sometimes, it happens very rarely.  Once again, the insurance will have their best interest in mind.  We are able to negotiate for you based on policy, not on emotions.  Let’s face it - when you are filing a claim on your home, it is probably one of the most stressful and emotional times of your life.  Let us help you make it a little bit easier!