Public Adjuster-Weatherford Tx

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Pubic Adjuster Weatherford Texas

Are you looking for a public adjuster? Insurance companies are making record profits every day. It is amazing to see their growth! The sad truth is they make a profit by underpaying your claims.

You might wonder, what do public adjusters do? We represent the policyholder to make sure you get a fair settlement.

You want to find a public adjuster near you. This is because you need to have someone that can actually come inspect your home and see first hand the extent of your damage so that a  proper assessment of the damages can be given.

A public adjuster is the only one that can legally represent you on your insurance claim and ensure that you get a fair settlement.

How much does a public adjuster cost? In Texas, a public adjuster can only charge a fee of 10% of your claim. We do not charge anything for our inspection or consultation. We also do not charge our clients unless we are able to reclaim them more money! So there is no risk to you.

public adjuster pros and cons- A public adjuster may cost a little bit, just like your accountant or a home inspector. But we make sure you do not fall into the traps of the insurance companies and that you reclaim what you are owed under the policy investment you made.  Don't leave it to chance or mayhem.

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