8 Surprising Things About Public Adjusters In Utah-#3 Will Blow Your Mind

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#1 Do you know what a Public Adjuster is?

A public Adjuster is a private adjuster licensenced by the state of Utah to represent Policy owners on their insurance claims. Most Public Adjusters handle primarily property damage claims though the are licensed to handle all types of first party insurance claims.

Unlike "Independent adjusters" who only work for various insurance companies on their behalf. Public Adjusters work exclusively for Policyholders or their Plaintiff or Bad Faith attorneys to make sure the damages are properly documented and that the insured is put back to a pre-loss condition as is owed under the policy.


Public Adjuster Utah

#2Did you know there is a Public Adjuster near you?

Claim Rangers Has Public Adjuster in 7 states including Utah. You don't have to worry about not having access to the help that you need we have experts in every field. We have property damage experts ready to assist you this week if you need.

Out property damage experts use the latest technology to properly document the damages to your property. Types of damages that we inspect for are Wind, Hail, Water, Fire, Vandalism, Mold, Volatile Organic Compounds, Lead, Asbestos, PFAS, etc.

#3 How much do public adjusters make?

This is amazing... Claim Rangers Public Adjusters knows that you likely are don't have large sums of money lying around to fight your insurance company. Afterall, you have a property to fix. So in Utah Claim Rangers work for free until they get your claim settled.

That means you are not going to have to come out of pocket to pay for claim reviews, policy review, inspections, Xactimate estimates, or even negotiations.

That is better than a money back guarantee!!


#4 What kind of results should I expect when hiring a Public Adjuster In Utah?

This is a great question. Every claim is different and as there are many aspects to every claim. It is not uncommon for results to be 2-3 times or more than what is initially offered by your insurance company.

In an independant study it found that on average a public adjuster reclaims 747% more than an insured will on their own.


#5 Why wont my insurance company just pay my claim?

Great question... While you may speculate as to why your insurance claim will not just pay your claim. The fact of the matter is that they make more money when they pay you less money. It is pretty simple.

Most carriers put in place carrier settlement guidelines that are designed to restrict coverage and payments to policyholders.

These guidelines are not refrenced in your policy but will still likely be the main governing document when they try to settle your claim.  The only way to get a fair settlement is to use the plain language of the policy as it was intended.

Insuranc Company Will Not Pay My Claim
Unlicenced Pratice Of Public Adjusting

#6 My Restoration Contractor Says They Are Insurance Experts.

While many contractors accept insurance proceeds as payment for their services. They are not licensed adjusters, they can not determine coverage, they can not determine what repairs are owed under the policy and they can not negotiate with your insurance companies.

These are violations of Utah State Law and your contractor may be breaking the law and subject to penalties and jail time.

This is why every good contractor works along side with a licenced public adjuster to make sure the laws are being followed.

#7 What happens if the insurance company does not agree with my public adjuster?

In the event that your insurance company does not want to listen to reason, evidence, and facts of the claim. There are dispute resolutions options avaiable to you the policy holder. The first is suite against us clause, the second is the appraisal clause.

Claim Rangers does everything in its power to prevent a claim from ever seeing a court room. As of the writing of this article we have never had a claim go to trial. This is because we document our claims so thuroughly someone would be crazy to try do defend it in front of  a jury.

Most often if we can not get the carrier to listen to facts and reason we will use the appraisal provision. This is similar to arbitration and is typically faster and cheaper than litigation.

Insurance Dispute

#8 What if I just don't know what to do on my claim?

We get this questions alot regarding Utah property claims. We offer a free 30 minute strategy session to our clients so that we can understand their situtuation and make a plan that best fits their circumstances.  There is no obligation to use our services after our call.

If we decide to take on your claim, it is an easy onboarding process and we will handle everything from there.

Book your free 30 minute claim stragegy session

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