Pros and Cons of Asphalt Shingles

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Historically, asphalt shingles are the most widespread type of roofing used in residential households across the United States. That remaining reported, this does not mean that asphalt is the best roofing material—it will come with various upsides, but asphalt shingles have a variety of downsides, as effectively. Therefore, in advance of choosing regardless of whether or not you would like to install an asphalt roof, it is essential to take into account the professionals and disadvantages of this preferred substance.

Various roofing supplies will suit different properties, and there is no just one real “perfect” possibility. No make any difference who you are, having said that, it’s important to be certain the toughness and durability of your roof—without this defense, your residence could suffer really serious destruction, these kinds of as drinking water problems or flooding. If your roof demands continuous restore, not only will this compromise the safety of your house, but it is also an high-priced challenge to deal with. To keep away from these concerns, it’s a excellent idea to have the most effective feasible roofing content installed in the initial position.

Could asphalt shingles be the perfect roofing substance for you?

What are asphalt shingles?

The base of an asphalt shingle is made of both an organic material or fiberglass. This foundation is saturated in asphalt ahead of it is covered in even far more asphalt, possibly on a solitary facet or both sides. At last, the major of the shingle is coated in a mixture of schist, mica, slate, quartz, stone, or ceramic. The again is in its place covered in talc, sand, or mica. This aids stop the individual shingles from receiving trapped alongside one another.

Although there are numerous kinds of asphalt shingles to choose from, the most popular is regarded as “three-tab” shingling. This title is a reference to how the shingle is slash and how it is mounted.  Shingles are stylistically adaptable and come in a truthful range of colors, designs, and types.

The pros of asphalt shingling

Let us start out by talking about the positives of asphalt shingles, which might make them a superior option to other roofing materials.

  • Asphalt is very economical to set up
    This is maybe a single of the upsides that most normally leads home owners to set up asphalt shingles.

    In phrases of installation cost, asphalt is significantly additional cost-effective than other preferred resources. If you’re on a price range but urgently need to have a new roof, then asphalt shingles are likely the decide for you.

  • Shingles do offer curb enchantment
    Of study course, functionality isn’t the only variable you are almost certainly looking at as you decide on a roofing content. Most householders also treatment about the look or suppress appeal of their property, and the roof you find can have a effective impression. In addition, if you at any time system on marketing your residence, then its physical appearance results in being even far more critical—curb enchantment is a very important element in pinpointing the total price of a home.
  • Asphalt shingles are a reasonably versatile selection
    This suggests you can possible uncover shingles that beautifully accommodate the aesthetics, style, and colour scheme of your dwelling. In addition, you can locate shingles in an array of models, which includes (but not confined to) 3-tab, laminated, and even high quality versions. In any circumstance, it isn’t hard to put in shingles that seem completely in spot on best of your house.
  • Setting up asphalt shingles is quick and simple
    Not only is set up low-cost, but it is also a speedy system to have asphalt shingles installed—and taking into consideration how substantially strain a roofing alternative can incorporate to your day-to-day daily life, this can be fascinating.

    Most notably, asphalt shingles are uncomplicated to cut and lighter than numerous other roofing products. This implies that the roofing staff won’t need to carry out significantly prep do the job before they can set up your new roof. There also isn’t any need for special applications or equipment. Not only do these variables make the installation approach a lot quicker and less complicated, but they also contribute to the decrease expense of putting in asphalt shingles.

  • You can easily replace asphalt shingles
    Although needing to re-install your roof isn’t desirable, it might even now be a necessity in the foreseeable future. As such, it’s a probability that you must account for if you’d like to help you save your long term self a headache.

    Changing shingles does not even require to entail replacing your overall roof. It’s attainable to replace a solitary shingle at a time if they become harmed without having needing to tear out the roof and begin from scratch.

    The fast and simple installation process supports this relieve of substitute.

The cons of asphalt shingling

While there are quite a few positives to setting up an asphalt roof, there are also some drawbacks worthy of thinking about. In addition, sure downsides may effects specific individuals far more than others—for occasion, the weather conditions conditions in which you live could make some downsides much more detrimental.

  • Shingles are extra vulnerable to wind destruction
    If you stay in a area with recurrent high winds, asphalt shingles may perhaps not be the most realistic materials for you. Though this is largely applicable to much less expensive types of asphalt shingles, they are inclined to be more vulnerable to uplift.

    Powerful winds can lead to person shingles to detach from your roof, which in transform makes your roof additional inclined to developing leaks. A leaky roof is a big problem—leaks can direct to a wide variety of critical challenges, including mold and intense water damage. In addition, a lot of the destruction brought about by leaks will need dear repairs, primarily if they go unnoticed and are remaining to worsen in excess of time.

  • Asphalt can crack
    Asphalt shingles are a light-weight roofing content, as was described earlier. While this leads to many benefits, it can also result in complications for your roof in other areas. Notably, asphalt is light-weight more than enough that it is more vulnerable to cracking compared to other roofing components.

    If your shingles are uncovered to excessive fluctuations in temperature, then cracks are even more likely to start off forming. These fluctuations can lead to your shingles expanding and contracting, which inevitably could bring about cracks in the materials. Having said that, high temperatures can also endorse the cracking of asphalt shingles, even devoid of fluctuation.

    So, if you reside in an region with excessive temperatures, make absolutely sure to consider the chance of cracking into account.

  • Shingles shouldn’t be put in in cold weather
    Usually talking, it’s suggested that householders install asphalt shingles when the climate is warm. Nevertheless, this can be witnessed as inconvenient as it restricts the moments of the 12 months when shingles can be put in. If you will need an urgent roof replacement in the dead of wintertime, asphalt shingles may well not be the most proper materials.

    This is in particular accurate if the temperature outdoors is beneath freezing. These chilly temperatures can bring about the shingles to develop into destroyed as they are remaining mounted. As the temperature warms back up, this can also trigger the shingles to develop into misaligned or be knocked out of location thanks to the ensuing expansion.

  • Shingles really don’t look unique

    Although shingles can search great and have the ability to support the suppress charm of your home, they are not necessarily the most distinctive option.

    Other roofing materials, these types of as metal, are likely to be much better recognized for their extreme level of customizability. Although it is straightforward to find asphalt shingles that match the design and shade of most homes, it is likely to be difficult to action exterior the box.

    If you are hoping to make your dwelling stand out from the rest on your block, then asphalt shingles are not the most efficient way to accomplish that.

  • Asphalt shingles really don’t have the greatest longevity
    Are you hoping to set up your new roof and then under no circumstances have to go as a result of the course of action yet again? If so, then hold the low longevity of asphalt shingles in head prior to picking this content.

    Asphalt shingles are lighter and less expensive than other roofing resources, but this also usually means that they are much more most likely to develop into broken or have on down above time. Usually, you can hope properly set up shingles to previous for up to 20 yrs just before they need to be replaced. This can be in comparison to the longevity of metal roofing, for instance—that materials can past for up to 70 decades if it’s correctly installed.

Other kinds of asphalt shingles

Fortunately, if you get pleasure from the look of shingles on your household, there are options other than common asphalt shingling. Fiberglass asphalt and polymer modified asphalt are well-known options.

These other varieties of asphalt are likely to be more durable than the traditional variety and are significantly additional resistant to climate. Polymer-modified asphalt, in unique, is an fantastic choose if you reside in an location with recurrent intense weather conditions circumstances. Irrespective of whether you’re faced with wind, hail, or significant rain, polymer-modified asphalt is far better equipped to keep up than regular asphalt shingles.

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