New function warn – hydrant mapping & points of fascination

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eDispatches is pleased to announce the availability of our brand new Hydrant Mapping & Factors
of Fascination feature – just one of the most well-known requests in our total heritage!

With the new Hydrant Mapping & Details of Interest aspect, all eDispatches consumers are equipped to exhibit fireplace hydrants and other critical items on a real-time map that is built-in with all the
good eDispatches options you now know and love. In one particular very simple to use check out you can now
see the place of your hydrants and other factors of interest ideal along with your members’
Response position, which displays their area as they make their way to the incident. Just about every
hydrant or place of curiosity can be expanded to demonstrate extra data, notes, etcetera., and the
screen seamlessly reveals / hides goods as you zoom in and out, to reduce litter on the
display screen.

Setting up with hydrants, end-users have 3 diverse approaches to enter their individual hydrant
information into the eDispatches system:

Guide Entry
            ? From everywhere, you can enter a known hydrant on the map
? In-depth data about that hydrant can be discovered
• Mass Upload
            ? Complete a provided eDispatches template with the locale facts equipped from
your hydrant authority
• War Driving Mode
            ? An exceptional to eDispatches, basically click on the include button as you pass fire hydrants in and close to your jurisdiction
? Whilst utilizing this element, motorists must observe regional and state guidelines
with regards to system use though in movement

Though fireplace hydrant info and places are extremely essential, we also preferred responders to be in a position to enter other useful information: Points of Curiosity.
Water Sources
            ? Dry Hydrants
            ? Lake/Pond
            ? Pool
            ? River/Stream
            ? Hearth Station
            ? EMS Station
            ? Clinic
            ? Law enforcement Station
            ? School
Creating Characteristics
            ? AED
            ? FDC
            ? Fire Alarm Command Panel
            ? Fuel Shut-Off
            ? Knox Box
            ? Sprinkler Valve
            ? Standpipe Connection
            ? Development Zone
            ? Height Restriction
            ? Railroad Crossing
            ? Street Closure
            ? Fat Restriction
• Other
            ? Boat Start
            ? Hazard
            ? Landing Zone
            ? Storm Shelter
            ? Transform Around
eDispatches proceeds to innovate, bringing added value included characteristics to our client base!
If you are not a existing eDispatches person, contemplate location up a cost-free department trial these days! Our
income employees can be reached at (973) 453-5810 extension 1.

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