Home Security and Insurance

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One of the main things people often overlook when it comes to home security is their Homeowner's insurance. Homeowner's insurance can help in a few different ways.
First- Your insurance will give you a discount on your rates if you have an actively monitored security system. This can easily offset the cost of the security system.
Second. Your insurance will cover any damages to the home caused by the break-in.
Third. Your insurance will cover the cost to replace the damaged or stolen items.
Remember- you should always have a yearly inventory of your home so you know what is in your home. If you cannot prove that it was there your insurance will not pay for it. We recommend taking a video every year and just walk your rooms and store the video in the cloud in case it is destroyed or lost.
Also, if you have a large amount of jewelry, gold, or firearms you should list these in your policy as a separate item.
Claim Rangers helps homeowners reclaim all that they have lost and are owed from their insurance policy.
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