Free Roof Inspections

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Free Roof Inspection

Free Roof Inspection-We have seen a lot of wind and hail damage this year. If you think you may have had some wind or hail damage but would like a professional inspection to decided to repair or replace your roof. We are happy to offer our free no-obligation professional inspection of your roof.

Wind damage happens in many different ways.  Wind can completely blow off your shingles here , which is the most visible type of wind damage. You will find shingles on the ground around your house. If you have missing shingles you will have the two other more common types of wind damage. This is damaged or pulled through fasteners. This is when the wind works the shingles back and forth until the nail are pulled through the shingles. This is usually not visible but is very prominent.  This type of damage will have a ripple effect across your roof damaging large areas of shingles. This can cause leaking as well. The last type of wind damage is debris under the shingles. This can be from a heavy dust in the wind, leafs, branches, needles etc. This can damage the shingles in several ways the shingles will no longer seal properly and will be weakened due to movement since they can no longer seal.

If you have any of these damages on your roof you may qualify for a Property Settlement and we may be able to get you compensated for a new roof. Call us today for your Free Roof Inspection

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