Fire Restoration San Jose Ca

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Fire Damage Restoration San Jose

Are you needing Fire Restoration in San Jose Ca? Look no further. CLaim Rangers Public Adjusters are the experts when it comes to handling fire claims. We make sure you don't get burned by your insurance company too.

You see fire damage needs advanced restoration. It is not a simple water leak or wind damage. Fire is a complex topic that is far-reaching and without the proper knowledge, your insurance company will send their cut-rate contractors to put lipstick on a pig and not really address the health concerns nor put you in a pre-loss condition as the insurance policy owes for.

You see your insurance company makes more money when they pay you less. We had a wildfire claim recently where the insurance company sent out one of their preferred providers to give a quote. They came back with an estimate of 16k. After our inspection and review of the policy and a detailed estimate of the loss. It was determined that there was actually $230,000 worth of damages. What could they have possibly missed? There was actually a ton of damages that they did not account for. You see this wildfire had burned right up to the house. The firefighters dropped retardant on the house. The retardent is corrosive and damages the siding and bleached the roof. There was damage to the windows, patio, pool two trees burned, and heavy smoke filled the house.

You see using an advanced restoration service like Claim Rangers Public Adjusters pays you back in droves. Without our assistance, this insured would have ended up with a derelict home with not enough money to make the repairs.

Wildfires have ravaged our area and many people are suffering. If you or your loved ones are in need of assistance with their fire restoration and dealing with their insurance company. Give us a call!