Colorado Public Adjusters near me

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Colorado Public Adjusters Near Me

Have you wondered are there any public adjusters near me? Claim Rangers is the Premier Public Adjuster. They service Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and Idaho

What are public adjuster pros and cons- Public adjuster represent you the policyholder. This means that they should have your best interest at heart. We live by the motto- Always Protect the Insured. We only want what’s best for you. As public adjusters, we only charge a fee if we are successful in helping settle your claim. If we are not successful you will pay us nothing.

public adjuster meaning- A public adjuster is a licensed professional that only represents policyholders. They are able to interpret policy, help complete the after loss duties of the policyholder and make sure that policy is correctly enforced and you are paid what is owed under the policy

The state requires a public adjuster license to adjust a claim on behalf of a policyholder. This means that if your contractor is asking for a copy of your policy or trying to enforce policy your contractor may be breaking the law.

some of a public adjuster job includes
Inspecting your loss
Photographing & documenting the loss
Taking a sworn statement
Preparing estimates
Reviewing Policy
Negotiating with your insurance company
Documenting your claim
Advising on dispute resolution options per the policy provisions.