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Public Adjuster Arizona

Waking up a burning sunrise is a far better to waking up to a burning house fire. We hope you never have to go through this. Those of you who have we are sorry for you loss. It is bad enough to loose your home to a fire, but for many that is just the begining of their battle. You see this happened to one of our clients recently. They had been roasting marshmellow with thier Kids in their fireplace. One of the sparks escaped the chimney caught the inside of their walls on fire. Their home was halfway burnt by the time they knew what was even going on.

Their insurance company sent out a young kid that did not know what he was doing to asses their damages. He missed the first 2 appointments and was over an hour late to the 3rd appointment. He then took 6 weeks to submit his report. He would not return calls, or emails. It was a disaster on top of their disaster.

Finally they got an estimate for the repairs at a wopping 59k not enough to cover their contents. The carrier wanted to just paint the burnt trusses. Talk about lipstick on a pig.

You see insurance companies owe for financial indemnification of their loss in Arizona. Unless there is specific exclusions for the damages then the policy typically owes for that.

One of the common misconceptions that I hear from the insurance company is that we do not owe for that. Well if it is damaged and covered under the policy they do owe for that. I always suggest asking your carrier to provide you with the policy language that excludes that. More often then not they can not do it. They might sight well we dont pay for wear & tear. The fact of the matter is they can only exclude wear and tear as a cause of loss in Arizona. Any consequential damages are included as part of the loss. If a carrier tells you otherwise they are likely lying to you.

Understanding your loss and the hidden coverages of the policy is essential to getting a fair settlement on your insurance claim in Arizona.

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