Busting Some Metal Roofing Myths

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Oct 27, 2021 | Filed below: Obtaining a New Roof,Client Education,Exploration

Matt Risinger, notable Austin, TX builder and YouTuber, recently designed a online video addressing several frequently held myths about steel roofing. Although we’ve spoken to some of these myths right before, Matt’s expertise provides him some terrific perception into the ins and outs of steel roofing.

If you never have time to watch (we hugely advise you do), right here are the principal factors.

Myth 1 – Metallic roofs are all a person design and style. 

Busted:  A lot of makers supply colors, panels, and finishes that mimic asphalt shingles, clay tile, wooden shake, or even slate.

Fantasy 2 – Steel roofs don’t conduct as nicely in extraordinary conditions. 

Busted:  Metal roofs maintain up to superior winds and are typically fire-resistant, outperforming most other roofing varieties.

Myth 3 –  A steel roof is far more likely to be struck by lightning. 

Busted:  Metallic roofs are no additional possible to be struck by lightning, as strikes are concentrated on tall objects, not steel types.

Myth 4 – Steel roofs are noisy in the rain. 

Busted:  With modern-day insulation and making procedures, the pitter-patter of raindrops is not a thing to get worried about with a steel roof.

Fantasy 5 – Metallic roofs are often extra highly-priced than other roofing elements. 

Busted:  Steel is commonly less expensive than slate or tile roofs but is far more highly-priced upfront than an asphalt roof. Nevertheless, the overall value of proudly owning a metallic roof is reduce, as it will not need alternative as normally as an asphalt a person.

Fantasy 6 – A steel roof is shiny. 

Busted:  A lot of steel roofs have matte finishes and reflect a lot more heat than light-weight, retaining your property cooler in the summer time.

Fantasy 7 – Setting up photo voltaic panels on a steel roof is complicated. 

Busted:  Steel roofs are the ideal for setting up solar, with solutions for mounting panels without the need of ever penetrating the roof.

Metal roofs present a lot of good rewards to you as a homeowner it’s time to find out much more about how it compares to other roofing solutions.

Our Steel Roofing Toolbox is comprehensive of investigation applications and resources for busting even additional myths.

And when you’re ready, our friendly, no-force shopper services staff is here to assistance you come across the incredibly ideal roofing solution for your property. Enable us know how we can assistance now.

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