Blender Navigation Solutions on a Mac: Add Three-Button Mouse, Scroll-Wheel, and Numpad Emulation

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Apparently, in Blender, (a absolutely free 3D modeling/animating/gaming program that I’m beginning to learn), there are a great deal of navigation functions that are vital for applying the application. For an illustration, you need to have a a few-button mouse, preferably with a scroll wheel, and you really ought to have a quantity pad. What is a range pad? A amount pad consists of those amount keys to the facet of your keyboard – not the 1 via amount keys at the leading of your keyboard.

Effectively, I have a issue. My computer system is a notebook (AKA “laptop computer”), and it’s a Mac. My Mac does not occur with a mouse, and it certainly does not arrive with a number pad. So, can I nevertheless use Blender? What should I do? Right now, I will present you how I solved these troubles, and how you can solve them much too.

Ahead of I do that, I want to mention a few things. Initial, in my quest to address my navigation issues, I identified that we so transpired to have an Apple “Magic Mouse” lying about the property. Thinking my troubles have been solved, I gleefully established it up to work with my notebook — only to discover that a “Magic Mouse” not have a middle button. The initial matter I am going to present you now is how to give a “Magic Mouse” that middle button.

2nd, I read through online message boards that claimed I could mimic a selection pad by clicking the operate important (fn) as well as selected letter keys (these types of as J, K, L, U, I, etcetera.), but for whatsoever purpose, this was not doing work on my pc. For all those of you who are experiencing the identical difficulty, I will demonstrate you the solution I discovered by way of intensive Googling… so now, if you have observed this write-up, you will not have to have to search any additional!

The alternative, to the two challenges, is actually rather very simple: You just will need to down load two packages that will make it possible for you to incorporate a center button and emulate the number pad.

Techniques for including a center button

1. Download MagicPrefs at

2. Open up MagicPrefs Tastes.

3. Pick out “One Finger Middle Axis Click on.” (Take note that there are a large amount of other modifications you can make with MagicPrefs… I did not choose the time to enjoy close to with it, but it appears like it has a whole lot of prospective.)

Steps for emulating a quantity pad

1. Down load KeyRemap4MacBook PrefPane at

2. Open up KeyRemap4MacBook tastes.

3. Select “Modify Num Crucial”. If you happen to be having a tricky time acquiring the “Improve Num Key” choice, consider moving into “num” in the lookup box. You might have to scroll down after or twice, but it really should demonstrate up.

Perfectly, that’s it! Quite very simple, just isn’t it? I hope this allows a person like it served me!