Arizona Public Adjusters

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Public adjusters are licensed by the Arizona Department of insurance to assist homeowners with their property insurance claims. Arizona insurance adjusters are required to complete continuing education and keep up with the current insurance laws and regulations. This is important to the average homeowner because it is not feasible for an insured to know all of the rules and regulations regarding their insurance policy. Just like a wise person would hire an accountant to file their taxes for them. A policyholder likewise should hire a professional public adjuster to help access, estimate, and file their insurance claims on their behalf. Is there a cost to this? Yes just like your accountant there are fees associated but the benefits usually greatly outweigh the costs.
We average 7-10 times more than what the insurance company will pay you on their own. Just like the IRS your insurance company is not going to voluntarily give you the money you have to prove why you are owed that return.
You can attempt to handle your Arizona claim on your own. You can buy books teaching you all about roofing or water damage or fire damage and spend the next few months to years learning the proper methods of repairs. There is a great book called property loss adjusting that explains the processes in claims adjusting it is currently selling for $3000 on
There are other great books called Good Hands to Boxing Gloves the detail why the insurance industry is failing. At the end of the day, our customers can sit back and let us do all the heavy lifting. We know what to do when the insurance company wrongfully denies your insurance claim or is grossly underpaying it.  Give us a call today for a free consultation. 855-262-7707
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