Are cosmetic damages covered?

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Cosmetic Damages Insurance

We have been hitting some hot buttons lately with the topic of cosmetic damages. Cosmetic damages are damages to an insured property that do not affect the useful life or functional purpose of the property. There is one regional carrier imparticular that does not believe that they should cover hail damage to a roof, unless there is a physical hole in the shingles from hail.  They send their engineers who are supposedly unbiased but their sole purpose it to help the insurance company deny claims. I say this because they refuse to inspect claim for our company as they say they only work for insurance companies. How that is unbiased I will never know.  Sorry for the tangent I will get back on topic. We are talking about cosmetic damages.  The picture above is of a house that was tagged with graffiti, the house is still functional and will still keep the occupants warm and will shed water. The question is it covered under their insurance policy. The aswere is yes, the covered loss is vandalism and whether it is funtional damage or cosmetic damage if it not excluded out of the policy than it is still covered.


Utah Hail Damage 2018

So what about my damaged shingles than. The insurance company sent out their adjuster and their engineer and they say there are hail marks but it did not affect the useful life of the shingles. We I say good for them! Hail damage is still hail damage weather is it is cosmetic or funtional damage. So the roof is not leaking today. It likely will leak some day due to the hail and even if it didnt is still hail damage  if only cosmetic. The insurance policy covers hail damage and unless cosmetic damage is specifically excluded out of the policy than it is covered.

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